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Ramon Estevez

Vice President - CLA Sales

I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. After completing my graduation from O&M University, I started working as a COBOL programmer. Then I slowly transitioned to the Oracle domain. Till 2003, I kept working for various verticals and was also taking classes as a certified Oracle instructor and I also served as a professor at a university.

In 2004, I became a DBA consultant and worked for many clients such as top banks and insurance companies. During that time one of my customers approached me for a database security software to be implemented for their application. I then started investigating and got to know about Mage (then MENTIS). I approached them to understand the Product, which served as a platform for meeting Rajesh and further turned into an opportunity to represent Mage (then MENTIS) in the Dominican Republic, Latin American and Caribbean areas.


Ramon meet the magecian
Ramon meet the magecian

One of the things that I like the most and that I usually tell customers about Mage is that we deliver a higher-quality product than our competitors with one-tenth of the team strength. According to me, this is proof of our efficient work system. All the employees here are approachable and always ready to help.

Apart from work, I love all sports and I am a huge fan of baseball. I am blessed as I had the opportunity to work for 5 years as a Manager in the Operations department of my favorite baseball team. It was a dream come true for me to work there and had been on my bucket list for a long time. Those years were the gift of my life.

During the early days of my career, I started playing Tennis and with my consistency and rigorous practice, I was the best player in my district. I am also good at basketball. Every day, I run a sports show for an hour for a social media channel at 12:30 pm, which has had a profound effect on my Sales role. It’s a continuous learning experience for me, as I get to interact with new people and ideas.

My family has been a solid foundation for my growth especially my father who has always been my inspiration. He still serves as a Police Officer at the age of 86. He has always had the fervor to work, and he is one person that I look up to. I come from a very humble family, but my father persuaded me to learn new things every day, which paved the way for my growth. During the pandemic I completed my Oracle Cloud certification, and I started learning Python. I believe learning is a never- ending process, and that being consistent, disciplined, committed, setting goals and working towards them are the core values that lead to success.

I am an early bird and a fitness freak; I start my day at 5 AM and exercise regularly. Recently I have also cultivated the habit of cycling.

I am blessed with three kids – two girls and one boy. My elder one is a dentist, and she lives in the US; my younger daughter is pursuing a public relations course in Chicago and my boy has taken up a Visual Communication course in the Dominican Republic. We are a close-knit family and I usually make plans to visit my girls in the US 5 to 6 times a year. I love traveling, having travelled to many countries, and I am looking forward to visiting Japan and Australia the next summer.

Ramon Meet the magecian