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Vivin Gangadharan

Project Lead - Customer Success

On completing my Computer Science Engineering, I joined as a System Analyst in TCS, and I served there for three and half years, and however, in pursuit of interest in Management, I joined a B -school and I got admission into IIM -Trichy. Upon completion of the course, opportunities came across, but an opportunity in the data security space opened through Mage (then MENTIS), a niche area it was which captured my attention and interest.

When I joined Mage (then MENTIS) I started as a Project Manager, managing 5 to 6 projects for two customers. During the initial phase, I was completely engaged in managing customer projects.

These two years oriented me in understanding customer needs and requirements and this interface expected me to dovetail suitable solutions to address such problem statements. During this grooming process, came up with an opportunity for a direct onsite interaction for a POC (Proof of Concept) deal execution in France, the first time across continents. The three weeks of stay in France with Suresh, Srinath, and Rajesh was great fun and opened me up for a great learning opportunity and boosted my confidence level.

This personally was a path breaker for me having aligned with the client’s expectation and bagging the POC deal. I consider myself very privileged to have had the exposure and to be a part of this winning combination and am grateful to all those who supported us at every moment.

During our stay, we used to go out shopping and buy groceries, I somehow managed to survive there without knowing French as most people communicate only in the native language. Thanks to Google translate, if not I would have found it difficult to manage. It was great fun and a very memorable stay.

Meet the magecian Vivin
Meet the magecian Vivin

Mage enables and encourages you to maintain a work-life balance, the events conducted here and my colleagues are very supportive and friendly. It builds confidence and makes you come out of your shell.

Marriages and any occasion of my colleagues are always special. It has always been enjoyable to spend time with my friends in the office. Our recent visit to Hyderabad for a colleague's wedding was the most enjoyable trip.

After 2 years, I got transitioned to the Product Management team. Having moved on, now as Product Manager, this company has rested faith in me by assigning two Product verticals. I would never have been complete without the continued mentoring and able leadership of Krishnan who is always available for me. During this timeframe, I have come across various challenges and my solutions to these challenges have been possible by believing and interfacing with the right set of people around. I have always been a great team player and always feel that success is not a one-man show.

Grooming and the opportunities we receive in Mage are unparalleled. I have had the opportunity to manage a Program Management role and provide an enterprise-wide implementation for customers. Both Product Management and Program Management are strategic roles, and the transition is challenging yet a great learning experience.

Apart from work, am a hockey player and a great music buff. I have represented the Hockey team both in school and college and have won medals. This sport has also helped to connect with my seniors and school friends. Recently I even had the opportunity of coaching my school juniors for a special 10-day camp.

I am enthusiastic about music and I love listening to A R Rahman and Ilayaraja songs. Now, I have also started following my passion for singing by formally learning Carnatic music and I enjoy learning it. I also enjoy spending my time watching movies in theatres.

In my free time, I like to cook my favorite food “chicken gravy and fish curry “ and I also enjoy reading books. Though am not a great traveler, visiting new temples across India has always been part of my wishlist.

I always feel that it is important to give back to society and I do this by supporting the education of eligible children who are in need I also engage myself in serving as a volunteer for BHUMI an NGO, which support causes like education, environment, animals, and community welfare.

I cherish spending my time in volunteer activities and supporting destitute children.

I hail from a beautiful place named Nagercoil which has its cultural heritage and serenity and am blessed with a wonderful family comprising my Parents and my sister.

Meet the magecian Vivin