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Regulatory Compliance, Simplified

A single solution to identify, track, protect and monitor your data across multiple data platforms and environments within your enterprise.

Regulatory Compliance

A rising number of global privacy regulations require organizations to enact measures to protect sensitive data and respond to data subject rights requests. With an integrated platform that secures sensitive data  across its lifecycle, Mage enables enterprises to focus on their strengths without any distractions on the data security and data privacy front. With Mage, organizations can:

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‣ Secure sensitive data with robust data protection anonymization methods like encryption, tokenization, and masking

‣ Automate response to subject rights requests like Right to Erasure, Right to Access

‣ Minimize risk of sensitive data exposure by retiring/tokenizing inactive sensitive data

Responsible Analytics

Performing secure analytics on data requires that the data to retain its value, while minimizing the risk of sensitive data exposure. With state-of-the-art anonymization techniques, Mage enables organizations to extract value from their data without compromising on security. The Mage solution for Responsible Analytics provides organizations the ability to:

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‣ Anonymize data while preserving data usability and data value for analytics purposes

‣ Choose appropriate data protection methods that maintains the balance between security and performance

‣ Conduct risk assessments on the anonymized data that determines the risk of identification of the dataset

Cross-Border Data Sharing

Global privacy regulations and local data sharing laws restrict sharing of sensitive data by enterprises across geographical borders. Mage’s industry leading solution for Cross-Border Data Sharing helps organizations enable operational cost savings by outsourcing their development and testing requirements to other geographies without worrying about sensitive data leaving their data stores. With Mage, organizations can:

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‣ Comply with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, LGPD, and others that have restrictions on sensitive data being shared across borders

‣ Comply with local data residency rules by ensuring no sensitive data leaves the geography

‣ Enable cost savings by out-sourcing development and testing teams abroad without the risk of sensitive data being shared outside the border

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Overall Capablity Score

  • 4.5


    Dynamic Data Masking
  • 4.5


    Static Data Masking
  • 4.5


    Sensitive Data Discovery
  • “iMask has met all of our expectations”

    IT Domain Manager, Security & Risk Management
    Firm Size:  30B+ USD

    “I like this tool because with its secure anonymization technologies the performance and efficiency is not compromised. I like to use it because it works fast, takes a short time to run, and doesn’t use a lot of system resources. It cleans copies of our production data for testing, development, and other activities and fully eliminates unnecessary data. Our main motivation for using this solution was to achieve dynamic data masking and data protection and it never disappointed us and we are convinced that we made the right decision. iMask has perfectly met all of our expectations thus far that other tools are unable to do, we also look at a few different options, but iMask is the best.”

  • “Artificial intelligence to  uncover data in the most complex of locations”

    Project Manager, Product Management
    Firm Size: 10B-30B USD

    “Mentis helps the organization to uncover the hidden sensitive data locations within the organization with Sensitive Data Discovery module. This type of discovery is unique to the application. It uses the artificial intelligence to uncover data in the most complex of locations. It also has all compliance with popular data classifications by global privacy regulations includes the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA. An overall recommended data masking application for the company.”

  • “Really helpful in protecting most sensitive data elements”

    Decision Analyst, Data and Analytics
    Firm Size: 1B-3B USD

    “iScramble is a great data masking technique that provides flexibility to encrypt data to protect it from attacks and threats. It has various anonymization techniques that help to safeguard data in non-production environments. It can source data from various applications and third party like Big Data, Hive, Oracle. It helps protect data at enterprise and database layers and help secure data on any cloud platform. This provides a complete security solution with proper masking techniques to protect data from outside attacks. Overall, it is really helpful in protecting most sensitive data elements.”

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