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Feature Standard Advanced Premium

Data Classification Elements out of the box 70+ 70+ 70+
Custom Data Classification Elements up to 5 up to 10
Pre-built Discovery Rules
Built-in repositories for Data Matching
Add custom repositories for Data Matching
Incremental Discovery
Configurable Sample Size (unique records per column processed for discovery) NA upto 50,000 Unlimited
Discovery Techniques
Dictionary Matching
Pattern Matching
Data Matching
Natural Language Processing

Anonymization Methods available out of the box 27 48 75
Custom Anonymization Methods up to 5 up to 10
Automated anonymization recommendations and configuration
Anonymization Techniques
Simple Format Preserving Encryption
Replacement with a Constant
Replacement from a repository
Advanced Format Preserving Encryption (AES 256 based)
Permutation Substitution
MENTIS Identities
Conditional anonymization on a row level
Built-in repositories for anonymization
Custom repositories for anonymization
Dry Run on your data (without changing the data)
Automatic performance optimization
Database Subsetting
TDM Approach
In Place
In Transit
ETL Integration (using Anonymization APIs)
Database Virtualization* Database Virtualization is a separately licensed feature
Synthetic Data Generation
APIs for Anonymization (embed in your app code or integrate into your ETL pipeline)
Java APIs for structured data
REST APIs for structured data
REST APIs for unstructured data

Single pane of information across applications and data stores
Discovery Dashboards
Discovery Reports
Wizards to execute tasks for seamless user interactions
Monitor running processes
Process APIs
Start Discovery
Start Static Data Masking
Start or Stop Database Monitoring

Relational Datastores
Big Data Stores
Structured Files (csv, avro, parquet etc)
Semi-structured Files (json, xml etc)
Unstructured Files (pdf, docx, pptx etc)