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Mohamed Ali Jinnah

Manager - Development

I joined Mage in 2018, after a progressive two decades of experience in the software industry. I got to know that there was a role in Mage that I would be well suited for, through who was my friend in college when I was doing my MCA.

I finished my MCA in the late 90s and I started my career with Computer Science Corporation. I served there till 2014 and I worked with Neon technologies for 4 years. During this period, I had the opportunity to be part of various implementations and kept shuttling between the US, Japan, and India.

One of my dreams was to visit a European country, and it came true when I joined Mage. I was immediately sent to Switzerland for a customer implementation, and it was an incredible experience. Working with the Mage team has been a wonderful journey, and I've learned so much from my colleagues. The company culture is incredibly supportive, and everyone is approachable, which has helped me to explore and experiment with latest technologies.

Jinnah Meet the magecian
Jinnah Meet the Magecian

Before Mage, I only worked with Mainframes, but here I got the chance to work with recent technologies and various data sources. The learning opportunities are endless, and the freedom to experiment has been a major source of motivation.

Now, I manage a non-Oracle team, and it's amazing to work for a company that provides the space and flexibility to grow. Srinath, my colleague, has been a constant source of inspiration and support.

Fun has been an integral part of the Mage Family. Our team outings and office celebrations were always filled with zeal, and it was great fun to explore other talents of my colleagues during our Kalpakkam trip. Now post Pandemic, the Fun town hall keeps us connected. Work and fun go in parallel in Mage.

Outside of work, my passions include cricket, badminton, and spending time with my family. I used to play cricket every weekend until I moved to an area where I could not find a team or a ground nearby. So, I started learning badminton, and it has been a wonderful experience.

For the past 6 months except for Sunday, my first ritual after I get up is a visit to the badminton court where I spend close to one and a half hour in the morning. We have a team and I enjoy spending time there.

In recent times watching FIFA matches has become a new hobby, and I enjoyed the nail-biting moments of the finals and semi-finals matches played recently.

I am blessed with three wonderful children. My eldest son is pursuing his MSc in Computer Science, my second son is studying Engineering, and my youngest is in 11th grade. I love spending time with them and provide career guidance for them. During our leisure time, we like to try new restaurants and explore different cuisines. Apart from all this, I take ownership and I also enjoy doing electrical, mechanical, and plumbing repairs at my home, and I always like to explore and learn things on my own.

Jinnah Meet the magecian