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Senior Programmer

I worked for one of my relatives at his company before I completed my Bachelor’s and interviewed for MENTIS. As a result, MENTIS was my first corporate experience relevant to my education in Computer Science. Beginning my career as a developer, the different technologies and data sources I’ve tried my hands on have been countless. It was this freedom to explore and learn from my mistakes that helped me grow. Today, I work as a Senior Programmer. Hence, one of my key takeaways from my journey here is exploring my skillset to the fullest.

Another aspect that I am very thankful for is the work-life balance. Because of this, I have fulfilled my dream of setting up my own home-run business, and I’m proud to call myself an entrepreneur.

Finally, I would like to give a shoutout to my amazing colleagues. The support and appreciation I have received from them has been immense, be it about my work or my business. To have your teammates also be your friends is a joy, and makes work all the more fun. In total, it is always a blast to be part of the MENTIS family.