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Rajesh Parthasarathy

Founder, President & Chief Magecian

While the answer to a successful business lies in a valuable product, true disruption lies in the MAGIC of transforming the industry that transforms the business. MEET the MAGECIAN Rajesh Parthasarathy who has done this several times over through his consistent drive for innovation stirred by a practical leadership philosophy.

Rajesh can seamlessly shift gears between business and technology, identifying the gaps and bridging them with his strong engineering acumen. Rajesh is a seasoned auditor, business graduate, marketing expert and ERP solution architect.

Rajesh began his career as an auditor with a Big Four Audit firm in India and later shifted his base to New York, where he served as a lead consultant and designed ERP Solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

At the dawn of the digital age, Rajesh realized that the biggest threat to a full-scale digital transformation would be the security of sensitive data. His vision of securing the data privacy and security of every organization and solving these data security challenges laid the foundation for the formation of Mage™ (then MENTIS) in 2004. Rajesh mapped out all the security vulnerabilities the industry was facing and with his out-of-the-box insights designed solutions wherein security could be bolstered. He pioneered a data security platform which was built based on his 20+ years of experience and research. These solutions were received with resoundingly positive feedback by prospects and customers alike. Rajesh was named by Yale University as a “Rising Star” in their inaugural assessment of security industry leaders

Rajesh’s vision of enabling a seamless solution offering and service to companies across the globe was furthered when he set up the operational base for Mage™ (then MENTIS) in India in 2014. Rajesh’s practical leadership and balanced nature seasoned by his awareness and prediction of industry cycles have put Mage™ (MENTIS) on the global map as one of the forerunners of data security and privacy solutions. A testament to this also comes in the form of industry awards, with Mage™ (then MENTIS) bagging the Customer’s Choice award consecutively for the last two years.

One of Rajesh’s qualities that has been admired by all is his focus on employee well-being. He has a consistent and sincere approach to make each one of them successful - from Paula Capps, who being the co-founder of Mage™ has been with the company right from the beginning to a newly joined engineer. Rajesh mentors, guides, and makes each one of them successful through his support, guidance and by always being there for his Mage™ (then MENTIS) family.

Today, under Rajesh’s leadership Mage™ stands out in the market with its differentiated products that provide an integrated end-to-end platform enterprise solution that is strongly positioned to reimagine data privacy and security for enterprises.