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Padma Vemuri

Senior Vice president - Chief Solutions Architect

The first ten years of my career were a constant battle; once I had my twins, I couldn’t manage a stable work-life balance. I struggled to retain a job with any company for longer than a year and had to take many extended breaks. It was in 2007 that I heard Rajesh (founder and CEO of MENTIS) was looking to hire someone for product development, and that the requirement was to work from home. For the nth time, I attended another interview, thinking if this would work out, unlike my previous experiences at other companies. The meeting went well, and I landed the job. From then on, my career took an unforeseen turn for the best.  

Working from home had never been so smooth, and I found that I could deliver on time without impacting my personal life. Even so, I had to relocate to India twice for family reasons, for which I took a gap of 6 months the first time and 18 months the second time in 2011. When I approached MENTIS again in 2013, I was offered the job immediately. This shows the amount of trust and credibility Rajesh had placed on my work. From there, I kept growing into senior positions, and in five years, I made VP of product development. I realize, all I needed was someone who could understand and empathize with what I was going through and give me the support I needed to flourish in my job. This is what MENTIS did for me. The co-operation and the support I had with Rajesh and with my team were immense. If any other organization had given me 1% of what MENTIS has, I would not have jumped six companies as I did during my early career. The ease and comfort that I get from MENTIS make it my home away from home and is the reason why I will stick with this company indefinitely.