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Lenin Tharsan

Senior Support Engineer

I joined Mage post-completion of my master’s degree. Mage has provided me with a nurturing environment where I can learn and develop, enabling me to flourish while staying true to myself.  Their understanding and encouragement have had a profound impact on both my professional growth and overall well-being. 

Joining Mage's Customer Success team has been a transformative experience, and I am thrilled to continue growing, learning, and making a positive impact on our customers' journey. However, it has not been without its challenges. Fortunately, Padma, an exceptional mentor and leader, has been my guiding light throughout these trials. Under Padma's guidance, I learned the importance of being well-prepared when dealing with customer issues. I have grown significantly, gaining invaluable insights that shape my approach today. Mage's culture fosters freedom, support, and flexibility, allowing for personal and professional growth. My support team are not just colleagues but also my closest friends.


lenin meet the magecian
lenin meet the magecian

In college, Professor Vaidhyanathan had a major influence on me. He played a crucial role in shaping my goals and aspirations. It was because of him that I discovered a passion for trading, which brings me joy and serves as a significant source of income today. 

I have been fortunate to have remarkable parents who have had a major influence on shaping my character. My father served as an esteemed captain in the army, and his unwavering commitment to duty and perseverance has instilled in me the values of hard work and dedication. Likewise, my mother, a devoted schoolteacher, has shown me the importance of education and the joy of imparting knowledge. Both have served as role models not only to me but also to my brother, and I hold them in the highest esteem. I am filled with gratitude and admiration for the virtues they have instilled in me. 

Recently, my life has been enriched with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl. Her infectious smile fills my heart with immense joy and happiness. The love and bond I share with her are truly precious and bring a new level of fulfillment to my life. 

Beyond the boundaries of my work and personal life, I discover solace and happiness in the expansive fields surrounding my hometown, Nagercoil. Situated near Kerala, the city's breathtaking natural beauty never fails to captivate me, and I never tire of appreciating its charm. I often find myself deeply immersed in the lush landscape, with the majestic mountains giving a sense of tranquility amidst the splendid surroundings. Apart from my professional commitments, I derive immense pleasure from spending time in the fields, engaging in the activity of planting red plantains. It brings me joy and a connection to nature.