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Krishnan Cheerath

Senior Product Manager

I joined MENTIS in 2017 after I completed my MBA from IIM Trichy. I heard about MENTIS for the first time when the company came to campus as part of the campus recruitment process. The presentation by Rajesh impressed me a lot, and I got this feeling that MENTIS was the place to be, a place that had a culture that I was looking for.

Before my MBA, I was working as a developer, and it was there that I realized my interest in product management. While MENTIS did not have an open position in product management when they came for the recruitment, Rajesh had assured me that I would be moved into such a role within a few months – and he kept his word. Meanwhile, I worked in the Customer Success team, carrying out product implementation and proof of concepts. I learned the customer pain points and the role MENTIS plays in solving specific requirements of the customers. This experience helped me understand the importance of the role that I was soon going into – Product Management.

In December of 2018, I made the transition into Product Management. Here I started working on product specifics – how to enhance the product offerings, strategize the feature offerings, etc. It was a role that gave me the freedom to take initiatives and act on them. The culture in MENTIS is such that all initiatives and ideas are welcome. The management is so supportive of their employees that you get true ownership of the product. In MENTIS, teams feel more like a committee, where all ideas are discussed and based on the majority opinion and informed thoughts from the management, and the decisions are taken.

The exposure you get in MENTIS is phenomenal. I have got the opportunity to work closely with Jose – who has served as the Chief Information Security Officer at a large bank based in the Dominican Republic. When I compare the experience I have got over the past 4 years of working in MENTIS with my peers in other organizations, I can truly vouch that MENTIS has given me a much more enriching and fulfilling experience. Working with Rajesh and Padma has helped develop my critical thinking faculties. You are made to think on your feet, and I am constantly amazed by how they think and their views of the same thing. You will get polarized views when you brainstorm with them, and that is where genuine discussion and meaning lies.

Working in MENTIS is challenging yet fun. It offers a kind of work atmosphere that prompts you to think and not rely on some pre-existing research or documentation. Every day here is filled with excitement, fun, and challenges.

I look forward to more such opportunities, and I am sure that as long as I am here in MENTIS, there is never a dearth of opportunities for anyone looking to grow and learn.