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Sridhar Madhavan

Lead – Customer Success

It was 2016, and I was looking out for jobs after completing my Master’s in Computer Applications, and a course on Relational Database Management Systems. This is when I discovered that MENTIS had a role that I would be well suited for. The interview process wasn’t easy, and consisted of four rounds with different levels of managers of the company. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard I had performed well and received the offer.

My stint in the company began as a part of the customer support team, where I had to help clients with any technical issues they faced. I was shadowing my team lead for a few months, when one day, she went on leave. This is when things took a turn for me, as I embraced the opportunity and stepped up to take responsibility for my team in her absence. I front-ended product implementations and support for two major clients. Apart from this, I took on Proof of Concept implementations and product demonstrations, all the while having the chance to work very closely with the VP of product development and the CEO.

“The freedom to learn and experiment, and the trust that my superiors had in me, and the friendly atmosphere at MENTIS have been a massive part of my growth in the company”.

By 2018, I received my first promotion as a Senior Product Specialist. An exciting part of my career here was to travel on-site to Switzerland for product implementations for our client. By 2020, I was promoted to Senior Level 2 Subject Matter Expert, as a Lead for my team. It was a little daunting initially since I was never officially responsible for anyone’s work other than mine, let alone for fourteen members I had to handle and get in sync with. Here, I have to say; I am grateful for the CEO’s support, who made this transition smooth for me. Now, I am so happy to say that I am very close to my team, and that we have grown together as one unit.