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Leadership Team

Rajesh K. Parthasarathy

Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer

“Every enterprise application – be it with late twentieth-century roots or a modern application – has risk and vulnerability built in. There is no circumventing the security risk because almost every organization in the world depends on these applications for mission-critical operations. We have to solve these security risks. At Mage, all we think about is the risk, and our one and only focus is to defeat it. In today’s world, our customers need us to be that way.”


Mage’s founder straddles the world of business and technology. Rajesh began his career as a Big Four auditor and then moved on to be a lead consultant for ERP implementation at Fortune 100 companies. During these implementations, he was very concerned with the lack of controls and easy access to sensitive data and then designed security solutions to start addressing this challenge.

In 2004, Rajesh founded MENTIS to launch what had become a unique vision: an information security platform that looked at data-rich ERPs from a risk perspective, building deep intelligence about data, code, and user access, into a fully integrated platform that could adapt to current and future risks that were bound to arise in a data-centric world. Named by Yale University as a “Rising Star” in their inaugural assessment of security industry leaders, he has built MENTIS into the thought leader in its market. Rajesh is a frequent speaker at Oracle, OAUG, OHUG and other international conferences and is also currently a member of the Forbes Tech Council.

Rajesh is the design authority and chief architect of the Mage platform. His passion to solve data security challenges for enterprises is undiminished and he is at the forefront, leading Mage technology platform innovation problem solving with customers, partners, and his own out-of-the-box insights.