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Leadership Team

Padma Vemuri

Senior Vice president - Chief Solutions Architect

“It has been very challenging and exciting to build an industry-leading platform for data and application security in Mage. It is great to see how the platform can scale and adapt to diverse challenges spanning legacy and modern applications. There is still much to do and we are very excited about the product roadmap and the technology development that lies ahead of us.”


As the Vice President of Development for Mage, Padma actively provides leadership to the development team to facilitate innovative product development and roll-out. She coordinates the activities of the development and support teams to accomplish both system and business objectives. She also plans and executes staff development activities and training.

Padma comes from a background in design and application software development. She has several years of experience with the complete software development lifecycle. Prior to working with Mage, she worked as a programmer and developer in the brokerage, financial, and telecom industries.