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Harriet Schneider

Vice President, Marketing

From a young age I was very interested in content writing, and I even got a certificate in writing from school where I learned the seven types of writing. I was then sent as a trainee for a newspaper where I worked as a sports reporter. I also developed a love for photography, and I would grab my camera to take pictures whenever possible. Later, I got an internship to work at a radio station where I started writing for public affairs programming and commercials. I did that for a while and then quickly moved to the print area where I started writing ads. With my love for writing, I graduated from St. Louis University and joined a design company as a copywriter. I began my career in Advertisement and Digital Marketing, where I focused more on the creative side. I also enjoyed doing graphic design work which I continued to do for a few years till I started my own Marketing Agency company.

I was exposed to sales during my tenure at a mail company where I worked as a brand ambassador for creating content. I consider consultative sales as my methodology of reaching out to people where I use my marketing abilities to help with sales and consulting. With the emergence of digital marketing as a marketing channel, it provided a window into the actions of recipients on receiving a direct mail. The evolution of digital marketing put the focus back on the customer and their concerns rather than company objectives.

In 2012, when I was working for an Agency that focused on Lead Generation, I met Rajesh and helped him with Lead Generation for Mage (then MENTIS). We followed an outbound approach to Marketing where I used to contact leads and build a relationship with them through conversations, which played a key role in building solid foundations for good business outcomes. My secret sauce for handling challenges has always been the outbound push which enables me to take leads through the 14-touch campaign, and then to help craft custom solutions for prospective customers based on their use cases.

During my consulting stint, I realized the need for a Marketing person at Mage (then MENTIS), to convey our message to the market and came on board in 2015. Though I work as a consultant technically, the environment in Mage is very inclusive and supportive, making me feel as part of the team here. Mage is family to me, and I thoroughly enjoy working here. The people, their dedication, and the support system here makes this a special company to work for.

It was fascinating to watch the progress of “Project Butterfly” and to look back on how we have grown, evolved, and built trust with our customers. The relationship we hold with them is something we should be proud about.

Leadership, sharing, integrity, and allowing others to bring in their thoughts have always been encouraged at Mage, while keeping its core values intact.

The inbound marketing team has done a phenomenal job and we have developed a great reputation with Gartner, which has placed us firmly on the road map. There is a saying that “Self-praise is no recommendation but other’s praising you is Gold.” Our high review rating at Gartner has helped us put the building blocks year after year and build a brand recognition for Mage.

On a personal front, I am an avid photographer, gardener, and a nature-loving person who likes to travel a lot. One of my favorite things to do is to take a camera and go wherever I want to in my car. I also have 2 dogs. My English bulldog named Dharma fits her name, is chubby, roly-poly, and as the name suggests, her purpose is to make everyone happy.  All the team members at Mage who are on conference calls with me are acquainted with my parrot Jellybean. I am gifted with a beautiful backyard surrounded by nature. Once the winter is over, I have many squirrels, raccoons, deer, birds, and rarely even vultures that visit my backyard. I love spending time with family and enjoy doing things together. I also have a sister who stays near the beach side, and whenever I visit, I enjoy the scenery there and try to capture as many pictures as I can. My passion for traveling and photography complement each other, and I have captured amazing photos with my camera.