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January 24, 2020

MENTIS Welcomes Suresh Sundaram


February, 2016

MENTIS Software, the leading provider of sensitive data security solutions for the enterprise, today announced that Suresh Sundaram has joined its leadership team as Executive Director to oversee strategy, marketing, and corporate development. Suresh will take on a key strategic role as the company builds on its unique platform and insights, and its focus on securing sensitive information throughout its lifecycle in the enterprise, to become a trusted partner and a market leader in the information security market.

“MENTIS is a pioneer in sensitive data security, and has been recognized by analysts such as Gartner and Bloor. We have built a strong foundation of industry-leading products, offer our customers unique insights and experience, and have had strong customer adoption. With growing market need and compelling foundation, the company is set to embark on a new exciting growth phase, said Rajesh Parthasarathy, MENTIS Founder and CEO. “Suresh has a proven track record and a rich understanding of global markets, IT, and operations service delivery, and is passionate about growing disruptive enterprise technologies. He is the perfect choice to add leadership bandwidth and complementary expertise to guide MENTIS in this new path as we rapidly expand globally, forging critical partnerships and innovating in the sensitive data security space.”

“I am excited to serve as the Executive Director at MENTIS Software, at a critical juncture when the company is embarking on a new growth phase as a global player. This opportunity leverages my strengths and experience in leadership roles at HCL and in helping global enterprises secure their biggest asset: customer and confidential data in a complex evolving and yet vulnerable digital world. I firmly believe MENTIS has the innovative, far-sighted approach, the products, and the customer orientation to be an organization’s partner of choice in this critical need. In this process, MENTIS can realize its full potential for growth,”

Prior to joining MENTIS, Suresh spent 27 years in several strategic intrapreneurship roles at HCL group, a $7B leading ICT group founded in 1976. In the initial 10 years, he was focused on the India market where, as Chief Marketing Officer in HCL Frontline, Suresh led the effort from concept to launch for hardware products such as Beanstalk, India’s first home computer, as well as HP Notebooks and Peripherals, with new-to-market retail channels and consumer finance.

In 1998, Suresh moved to HCL Technologies and since that time has played a key leadership role in the development of the company into a global force in IT services. From 2000 to 2010, he established and led their global marketing and strategy team. Working with the President and CEO, he and his team enabled HCL Technologies to gain global market recognition as a disruptive IT services company and grow from $298 million in revenue to $3.5 billion. After 2010, he was responsible for investments in solutions and partnerships across all lines of business. Moving to Financial Services, he led the development of new services in customer experience, risk and compliance, and core systems transformation across the banking, insurance, and capital markets. Before joining MENTIS, Suresh had moved to directing HCL’s strategic business development in continental Europe for strategic accounts.