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The MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform

The market for discovering and protecting sensitive data assets is in a transformation phase due to increasing requirements for security and compliance.

This is being driven by regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA, by the increasing threat of data breaches, by ever growing big data, by centralized data initiatives (enabling analytics but leading to increased exposure), and by a desire for cross border data sharing (data must be anonymized).

Download this paper by Bloor Research to know how you can discover, protect and monitor the use of sensitive data.


ng it from your system at the end of its lifecycle.

What’s inside:

iDiscover™ for Data Discovery

Go beyond normal discovery solutions and find out which users and what programs have access to your sensitive data.

iScramble™ for Static Data Masking

Apply a variety of masking methods to your data while maintaining referential integrity.

iMask™ for Dynamic Data Masking

Apply masking rules to data as it is accessed, depending on the privileges of the user or program attempting to access it.

iMonitor™ for Data Monitoring

Monitor your data, complete with a decision and alerting engine.

iRetire™ for Data Retention 

Retire your data by archiving it or otherwise removi