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June 2, 2021

MENTIS Inc. Announces Partnership with Windocks

MENTIS Inc., the leader in governance, privacy, and data security solutions for global enterprises, announced that it has partnered with Windocks, a leading provider of database containers and virtualization, to enable a streamlined delivery of secure non-production data environments for its users.

Through this strategic partnership, MENTIS Inc. and Windocks will enable users to manage their production-nonproduction migration securely by integrating MENTIS’ patented and award winning Data Discovery and Data Anonymization capabilities.

“Customer interest in GDPR compliant data is surging for database DevOps and other lower level environment needs. Our partnership with MENTIS is key to meeting customer needs, enabling MENTIS’ top notch data discovery and anonymization to be built into virtualized data environments that are delivered in seconds.”

Paul Stanton, Co-founder and Vice President of Windocks

Krishnan Cheerath, MENTIS’ Manager of Product Management, added, “The MENTIS-Windocks partnership is a new chapter in MENTIS’ story of partnering with strategic vendors to generate more value for customers looking to secure their data in various stages of its lifecycle. This partnership will allow a secure and seamless environment for customers migrating their data between environments. The value for the end customers through this partnership is big, as it will help them reduce their DevOps cycles without any performance or security lags. We are very excited for this partnership and are eager to get going on developing our solution to integrate with more such vendors in the market.”



MENTIS is an award-winning software for Enterprise Governance, Privacy & Security. Trusted by icons of industries and institutions in the world, MENTIS’ customer roster includes Top Swiss Banks, Fortune 10 companies; national airlines; Ivy League universities; international industrial behemoths and retail giants; and global leaders in the highly regulated financial services and healthcare industries.

About Windocks:

Windocks is a leader in Linux and Windows based database virtualization for Docker containers, Kubernetes, and conventional instances. Customers improve data security and agility, with versioned writable database environments delivered in seconds.  Windocks also simplifies lower level infrastructure, cutting costs in half with fewer VMs and 95% less storage.