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GDPR Compliance

…what has happened and what should organizations do going forward

Technology has an essential role to play in any effort to achieve compliance.

Yet, not all organizations have yet reached a sufficient level of maturity in automating data protection processes.

Download this paper by Bloor Research to know the measures that you should be taking to achieve compliance.



What’s inside:

What has happened in the past year

In the first eight months, just 91 fines were imposed for GDPR violations. GDPR has vastly expanded the rights of individuals, giving them greater control over what of their personal data is collected and processed.


What is likely to happen

Many organizations are still waiting to hear the results of notifications made against them. As the backlog of notifications begins to be cleared, it is likely that many more fines will be imposed.


What organizations are doing

50% of organizations are concerned that they currently lack an understanding of what data they hold and process. Only 2% of organizations have automated processes in place.


Recommendations for what organizations should be doing

Organizations must establish what data they are collecting from individuals, how data is being used, how data is shared and with which parties, and what safeguards it currently has in place for data privacy and protection.