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Google Fi confirms customer data breach by hackers

  • Some personal data of the customers using the Google Fi service may have been stolen by hackers in a recent cyberattack, according to the American tech conglomerate Google.
  • In an email sent by Google to the customers using Google Fi it said that the cell network’s primary network provider had become aware of suspicious activity in a system containing Google Fi customer data.
  • Hackers may have gained access to some user data through the compromised system, including phone numbers, SIM card serial numbers, account status, and information on mobile service plans, according to Google.


IT Army of Ukraine gained access to a 1.5GB archive from Gazprom

  • IT Army of Ukraine claims to have breached the infrastructure of the Russian energy giant Gazprom and had access to a 1.5 GB archive.
  • The group of hacktivists announced the hack on their Telegram channel claiming that the archive contains more than 6,000 files of the companies of the Gazprom group.
  • The archive contains information related to financial and economic activities, reports on testing and drilling, along with implementation and adjustment of automated systems at the Koviktinsky well (Irkutsk region).
  • The IT Army of Ukraine also published a statement of confidentiality included in Gazprom’s agreement.


Charter Communications says vendor breach exposed some customer data

  • On Thursday, a forum user posted information allegedly stolen from the company that included names, account numbers, addresses and more for about 550,000 customers.
  • “We are aware of the post and following our security protocol in response. The initial evidence suggests that one of our third-party vendors had a security breach,” a spokesperson said. “At this time, we do not believe that any customer proprietary network information or customer financial data was included.”
  • The spokesperson did not respond to follow-up questions about what third-party vendor was hacked, when the hack occurred or when affected customers will be notified.


TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate confirm data breach affecting 20M customers

  • PeopleConnect, the owners of the TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate background check services, confirmed they suffered a data breach after hackers leaked a 2019 backup database containing the info of millions of customers.
  • In 2020, PubRec, LLC (owners of TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate) merged with PeopleConnect Holdings, Inc. (the owners of Classmates and Intellius), creating a massive portfolio of services specialized in finding information about people.
  • The exposed TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate customer information includes email addresses, hashed passwords, first and last names, and phone numbers.


Dutch, European hospitals ‘hit by Pro-Russian hackers’

  • Dutch cyber authorities said several hospital websites in the Netherlands and Europe were likely targeted by a pro-Kremlin hacking group because of their countries’ support for Ukraine.
  • “European hospitals including in the Netherlands have most likely been hit by the pro-Russian hacking group Killnet,” said the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).
  • Hospitals in Britain, Germany, Poland, Scandinavia and the United States were also said to be targeted.


Maryland hospital facing outages after ‘significant’ ransomware attack

  • Atlantic General Hospital in Maryland is experiencing network disruptions and outages after a significant ransomware attack deployed this weekend, according to local news outlet WMDT47.
  • The ongoing outages have caused “limited” patient interruptions, as clinicians maintain operations with downtime procedures.
  • The hospital is continuing to treat patients with all services remaining in operation, outside of its pharmacy, outpatient imaging, and pulmonary function testing.
  • A notice posted to the Atlantic General website also notes the walk-in outpatient lab “is temporarily closed until further notice.”