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Database Snafu Leaks 600K Records from Marketplace

  • An online marketplace on which users trade discounted online accounts, license keys and malware has suffered a data leak exposing hundreds of thousands of sensitive records, according to vpnMentor.
  • Security researcher Jeremiah Fowler found 600,000 “customer support attachments” related to website Z2U, which included images of individuals holding credit cards, passports and other ID documents.
  • Also exposed in the non-password protected database were: payment transactions including IBAN numbers; user account logins, emails and passwords; and order confirmations showing the buyer’s name, email and details of their purchase.


Uber suffers another data breach after law firm’s servers attacked

  • This is the third time in six months that Uber has been the victim of a data breach.
  • Genova Burns, a mid-sized law firm based in New Jersey, has written to the affected Uber drivers that confidential information belonging to them, such as their social security and tax identification numbers, have been stolen in a data breach of its IT systems.
  • Genova immediately hired a forensic team to investigate the data breach, informed authorities and promised to improve their security measures to prevent future hacks.
  • While Uber has not revealed the number of drivers affected, it told The Register in a statement that the breached data included private information on Uber drivers who had completed trips in New Jersey.


Western Digital shuts down services due to cybersecurity breach

  • The service outage, announced on April 2, impacts cloud, proxy, web, authentication, email, and push notification services, including My Cloud, My Cloud Home (Duo), My Cloud OS5, SanDisk Ibi, and SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger.
  • In a press release issued on April 3, the company said it’s responding to an ongoing network security incident that involves an unauthorized third party gaining access to “a number” of its systems.
  • The company is working on restoring impacted services and infrastructure. At this point in the investigation, it confirmed that the hackers did manage to gain access to certain types of data stored on its systems. The nature and scope of the compromised data is being determined.


MSI confirms security breach following ransomware attack claims

  • Earlier this week, the Money Message ransomware gang claimed to infiltrate some of MSI’s systems and stolen files that will be leaked online next week if the company refuses to pay a $4 million ransom.
  • In a Friday filing with Taiwan’s Stock Exchange (TWSE), first spotted by PCMag, MSI revealed that some of its information service systems had been affected by a cyberattack reported to the relevant authorities.
  • “After detecting some information systems being attacked by hackers, MSI’s IT department has initiated information security defense mechanism and recovery procedures. The Company also has been reported the anomaly to the relevant government authorities,” MSI said.
  • The company did not share any details on the timing of the attack, about if any of the affected systems were encrypted, or if the attackers exfiltrated business and customer information during the incident.


UK criminal records office crippled by “Cyber Incident”

  • The UK Criminal Records Office (ACRO) has been battling a “cyber incident” for two months, creating backlogs for visa applicants and potentially exposing customer information to compromise, according to reports.
  • An email sent to customers impacted by the operational issue reportedly claimed that their data may have been exposed.
  • This could mean highly sensitive data including “identification information and any criminal conviction data” could be in the hands of would-be extortionists.


ChatGPT leaks Samsung data after permitting ChatGPT at semiconductor plants

  • The leaked content related to semiconductors is ‘facility measurement’ and ‘yield/defect, and the report states that if corporate secrets are entered in the question, the contents can be leaked to an unspecified number of people.
  • There were 3 incidents of accidentally entering Samsung Electronics’ corporate information into ChatGPT. Meanwhile, ChatGPT specifies, “Do not enter sensitive information through the ChatGPT usage guide in the 8th point.
  • As a result, Samsung Electronics has been blocking the use of ChatGPT within its workplaces out of concern about leaks of internal confidential information.