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January 27, 2020

Bloor Research Recognizes MENTIS Leadership in Data Security


July, 2018

MENTIS, the pioneer in data masking and enterprise data security products, today announced the publication of two research reports: THE MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform (In-Detail) and The Sensitive Data Lifecycle: IBM vs Informatica vs MENTIS (In-Comparison), both published by Bloor Research. These independent reports are the outcome of an in-depth platform assessment and a competitive comparison completed by the Bloor team. Among their conclusions:

With regard to MENTIS’ market leading sensitive data discovery capability, Bloor stated that iDiscover does not just find sensitive data but also discovers the users and programs that access that data. This information is reused both in MENTIS’ masking modules and in its monitoring (see below). Another notable feature (amongst others) is that iDiscover offers scanning options including full scans, sample scans and incremental scans. MENTIS offers a number of differentiators, the main one being its support for the introspection of code, for which there is no equivalent functionality offered by either IBM or Informatica.

Bloor also highlighted MENTIS’ data masking. We like MENTIS’ “as it happens” (static data masking) option and the ability to combine static and dynamic masking is also a significant differentiator.

iMask provides dynamic data masking capability for the MENTIS suite and this was the first commercially available product to include dynamic data masking. Bloor continued: More generally, we believe that the location-aware and conditional masking options offered by MENTIS are superior to those of its competitors and we like the fact that there are flexible deployment options and not just the one-size-fits-all approach offered by IBM and Informatica.

iMonitor uses active monitoring, combined with its decision and alert engine, to integrate with iDiscover and proactively detect and alert sensitive data.

The MENTIS suite includes products that protect a wide range of sensitive data from the moment data enters the system until it is no longer useful. Bloor further noted, iRetire is a data retention product within the MENTIS suite that specializes in retiring your data: archiving it or otherwise removing it from your system at the end of its lifecycle.

One of the biggest advantages offered by MENTIS is the ability to handle a wide range of data – on-premises, in-cloud, structured, and unstructured – consistently and within the same platform.

MENTIS started from the outset to support the sensitive data lifecycle, and its products are components of a single whole. In practice, this will often mean that it is much easier and quicker to implement the MENTIS product suite.

“Sensitive data discovery and its management is finally finding focus as the most critical aspect of information security. These reports are a great vindication of our single-minded focus on providing cutting-edge technology to secure sensitive data, something we’ve been committed to since the founding of MENTIS in 2004. MENTIS will continue to innovate and lead the market with technology solutions in data and application security that drive real value to customers.”

Rajesh Parthasarathy, MENTIS’ founder, and CEO

Suresh Sundaram, Executive Director at MENTIS, added, “These reports validate MENTIS’ unique position as the enterprise data security platform –whether for implementing controls in internal, external, or cross-border access, or for enforcing compliance mandates from regulations such as GDPR or NY DFS Cybersecurity. With a shared metadata and flexible architecture, MENTIS also enables rapid deployment at scale across applications and databases.”

About Bloor

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Founded in 2004, MENTIS was one of the first companies in what was then a fledgling data-security market. Guided by a visionary founder with a deep grounding in both business and technology, MENTIS immediately began to innovate and has never since stopped. Known for its responsiveness to the moving target that is risk and compliance, MENTIS continues to bring powerful products to the market, the result of the company’s deep analysis of new trends in risk, along with a collaboration with its customers to assess and weigh their current challenges.

The company’s latest release makes the MENTIS platform the only integrated end-to-end platform where discovery, masking, monitoring, and retirement of sensitive data are available for both Non-Production and Production environments, and also now support both structured and unstructured data, whether in the cloud or on premise. Its segregation of duties functionalities means MENTIS also allows stakeholders across the IT, business, and security and compliance groups to collaborate to achieve comprehensive and consistent data security.

MENTIS helps protects the data of some of the most iconic industries and institutions in the world. Its customer roster includes internet commerce pioneers and national airlines; higher education institutions ranging from the Ivy League to Land Grant schools; international industrial behemoths and retail giants; and global leaders in the highly regulated financial services and healthcare industries.