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January 27, 2020

Bloor Rates MENTIS an Innovator

MENTIS Software (, the pioneer in data masking and enterprise data security products, today announced its inclusion and strong performance in Bloor’s most recent Market Update for Test Data Management publication. The research group’s 2017 survey focused on different approaches to test data management, trends in the market, and top vendors for static data masking.

“Test Data Management can be a key area of vulnerability. Our entire focus from day one at MENTIS has been about protecting data on the front lines –where data is stored, accessed, used. Knowing how processes often create exposure risk, such as in test data, means MENTIS’ discovery and masking solutions can take on the job of protecting the data throughout its lifecycle — and do it in a way that means security won’t get in the way of doing business. So business can get on with the task at hand, confident that the data is secure.”

Rajesh Parthasarathy, MENTIS’ founder, and CEO

For Test Data Management environments, MENTIS’ iDiscover and iScramble (static data masking), along with blended data masking and iSubset, are the essentials to reduce risk.

Bloor called MENTIS discovery capabilities excellent, and market leading. “MENTIS goes further, in our opinion, than any other supplier in its facilities for discovering sensitive data,” said Philip Howard, Bloor Research Director, Information Management. “We are particularly impressed with the Discovery capabilities offered by MENTIS. This, combined with robust masking capabilities and relative ease of use, plus the add-on capabilities of iRetire, makes MENTIS the leading technical provider of solutions that purely offer subsetting.”

Comments of note from the report:

The company offers a number of unique or near unique features such as location-based, conditional masking and time-slice-based subsetting.
iRetire will be especially beneficial in regulated environments such as the EU’s GDPR (general data protection regulation).

The company’s offering (which also includes iMonitor and iProtect) is much broader in scope than most of its competitors. Only one other vendor could offer something comparable but that would be in diverse products that are not well integrated.

“MENTIS has been the visionary and early pioneer in sensitive data security, with a “tackle the risk” approach that keeps us ahead of the curve. MENTIS has led the way for other companies entering the space,” said Suresh Sundaram, MENTIS Executive Director. “The perspective from the Bloor Market Update speaks directly to this approach and provides independent affirmation that MENTIS’ discovery, static data masking, dynamic data masking, and other offerings continue to break new ground.”

To learn more key findings and recommendations contact Bloor. To learn more about us, contact MENTIS.

About Bloor

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Founded in 2004, MENTIS was one of the first companies in what was then a fledgling data-security market. Guided by a visionary founder with a deep grounding in both business and technology, MENTIS immediately began to innovate and has never since stopped. Known for its responsiveness to the moving target that is risk and compliance, MENTIS continues to bring powerful products to the market, the result of the company’s deep analysis of new trends in risk, along with a collaboration with its customers to assess and weigh their current challenges.

The company’s latest release makes the MENTIS platform the only integrated end-to-end platform where discovery, masking, monitoring, and retirement of sensitive data are available for both Non-Production and Production environments, and also now support both structured and unstructured data, whether in the cloud or on premise. Its segregation of duties functionalities means MENTIS also allows stakeholders across the IT, business, and security and compliance groups to collaborate to achieve comprehensive and consistent data security.

MENTIS helps protects the data of some of the most iconic industries and institutions in the world. Its customer roster includes internet commerce pioneers and national airlines; higher education institutions ranging from the Ivy League to Land Grant schools; international industrial behemoths and retail giants; and global leaders in the highly regulated financial services and healthcare industries.