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Meera Ganesh

Manager - Sales Operations

When I met Rajesh in May 2017 after a gap of 25 years, I never imagined that I would join MENTIS and that this place would become such an integral part of my life. What started off as a casual conversation turned into a job opportunity as Office Manager in MENTIS. I accepted the offer and my journey started from August 2017.

When I joined there was a bunch of 30+ energetic employees. I was joining after an extensive career break, and I was a bit worried as to how I would be able to manage a professional career. Remarkably, the work environment at MENTIS was so friendly and warm that they made me so comfortable to be myself and from then on it had been a remarkably interesting and an exciting journey.

It was at the end of 2017; we were looking to remodel the existing office space and utilize the space to efficiently. With Rajesh constantly shuttling between India and the US, my first challenge was to keep him abreast with the advancements in the office. Working closely with him gave me opportunities to take initiatives and bring his visions into fruition. Learning is continuous when you work with him. The freedom that has been given to me in MENTIS, gave me the confidence to explore which expanded my learning in all spheres and helped me grow both professionally and personally.

Slowly we started growing in numbers to an extent wherein we had to look out for an additional office space. Taking care of both the office has been quite challenging yet interesting.

Another wonderful aspect of my role that I keep looking forward to every year is our recruitment drives! With the help of Suresh, our then Executive Director, I got the opportunity to meet fresh talent during our campus visits to IIM Trichy, Great Lakes and BIM Trichy.

MENTIS is a place where there is no dearth of experience and knowledge. I constantly look up to Rajesh, Paula, Padma, and Rama as my mentors, be it personal or professional.

With Paula and I operating in different time zones, the confidence and trust she had in me to manage all of the MENTIS India Operations empowered me to discover the leadership qualities buried deep within me.

Padma has been a great friend, well-wisher, and a true inspiration to me. Rama Sivaraman with her experience and expertise in leading large MNC’s constantly gives me tips that is helping me to run our team more efficiently. All of this has moulded and shaped me to the person I am now.

Work and Fun goes hand -in hand at MENTIS, and the learning process has always been continuous for all of us here. MENTIS has always given importance to women and encourages women who want to come back to work after a career break. I am extremely happy that I enjoyed the privilege myself and I look to it that more women folks also make use of it too.

Though the pandemic has surely changed a lot of things for each one of us I am hoping and praying that brighter days will be there soon, and we all can meet in person and enjoy the good old days we had in office.