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Karthik Rajeswar Selvaraj


I joined MENTIS in 2017, right after I finished my under graduation. I interviewed for the role of UI developer, and it was Srinath who conducted my interview. Since I was fresh out of college, the idea of a first job was intimidating, and I wanted it to be fulfilling in terms of learning and professional growth. The thing that I like the most about MENTIS is that the management is very open to accommodating the interests of their employees. Although I had joined as a UI developer, I was more interested in designing. Rajesh and Padma were very open to this interest, and soon enough, I was helping MENTIS in designing aspects.

The amount of learning that is offered at MENTIS is unparalleled. When I joined, I would have known about 20% of Qafe and Java. But, soon enough, as I got my hands dirty, I am very much confident of my capabilities in the same. Now, we have transitioned to Angular Java, and I suddenly find myself learning a completely new design philosophy. This is what excites me the most at MENTIS – the ability to keep learning. There is not a single day when you do not learn something new!

The memories that have been created with my teammates are something that I cherish a lot in MENTIS. I joined MENTIS as the 48th employee, and the bond that we have built over the years goes beyond friendship. My friends are my mentors here. They have helped me learn so much and have also molded me into a better person. Padma – our VP of Development, has been a fantastic mentor to me over these years. She is a person who will take time out to make sure that all of our doubts are cleared and we have conceptually sound knowledge. There have been many times when we would have tested her patience by asking the minor doubts but never has she sent us back empty-handed. My special thanks go to Rajesh, who allowed me to work in such a wonderful organization!

Learning and fun are just two aspects of a good job, but for a job to be truly enriching and rewarding, one should also feel recognized for the hard work they put. MENTIS goes out of its way to make sure that people are recognized for their efforts. Even a small appreciation from a customer or an analyst regarding a button that has been designed is filtered down to the employees, and we are recognized by name throughout the organization. Recently, I got promoted to Junior Programmer Level 3 in 2019. I was elated at my promotion and was unable to control my happiness on hearing this news. Failure is celebrated as much as success here at MENTIS. Failure is encouraged as long as the learning from that failure is understood. What more could a person need from their workplace? Friends, family, respect, appreciation, and most of all, trust – you get all of this in abundance in MENTIS.

Apart from work, I am passionate about automobiles and have a distinct craze towards cars. I love taking my car out for a spin or on a long drive during the weekends. A solo trip with AR Rahman’s music playing in the background is what I do when I want to unwind.