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Dinesh Kumar

Sales & Marketing Manager

I joined MENTIS in 2017, through a campus placement drive in my MBA school. My past experience in Cognizant, where I worked after my Graduation, followed by my campus life at Great Lakes – my MBA school, influenced me a lot in developing an interest towards Sales and Marketing.

My first experience with MENTIS was when they had come recruiting to our college. I had experience in a few group discussion before, having had a lot of mock GD’s before, but nothing would have prepared me for the topic that MENTIS had thought out for the GD. The story repeated when I went for the subsequent interview round, and even the final set of talks with Rajesh. I had thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of MENTIS, and there would be no turning back from that. I was already signing the offer acceptance form with a big grin on my face, excited about the challenges and experiences I was about to have in this organization.

Fast forward to June of 2017, I was sitting in a room with Suresh, and we were talking about the Sales and Marketing aspects of the organization. From that day, everything is a blur, I have been thoroughly enjoying every single day at MENTIS, learning new things, heading new initiatives, and trying out stuff. The best aspect of working in MENTIS is that there is no right or wrong, and the management also gives complete freedom of choice to you for what you want to do. This culture of freedom to act upon your ideas and thoughts drip down all the way from the top to the last employee at MENTIS. Everyone here has that freedom and is encouraged to talk about new ideas and initiatives to help further the growth of the company.

The way you are entrusted with responsibilities is yet another unique aspect you would be hard pressed to find in any other organization. Within a year of joining MENTIS, I was leading the recruitment drive at our college the next year. Our feedback on the candidates, assessments of their character traits were all taken into account when selecting the next batch for the company. This is just one such incident when I was entrusted with responsibility that I myself wouldn’t have dreamt I would have received in any other company. I still remember the day when Suresh approached me and told me that I was ready to take on customer discovery calls by myself. Hand holding is something you shouldn’t expect in MENTIS. You will be guided and mentored and then the control of the reins will be given to you. How you want to direct the horse is completely up to you. This trust that the organization places in your decisions and abilities makes one feel empowered and valued. I can vouch that none of my batch mates who have studied with me are experiencing anywhere close to what I am at MENTIS.

The people at MENTIS are also very relaxed, and easy to approach. The relationship that I share with Rajesh, Suresh, Padma, Justin, Paula and everyone else in the organization is more of a friend and family than that of colleagues. You can discuss anything from company strategies to the next sports tournament winner with them, with the same vigor and enthusiasm. We pull each other’s legs, and have fun talking just about anything under the sun. The best part of having such an open and free atmosphere is that you do not find it intimidating to challenge the management. There have been times when we have had discussion on various aspects related to company strategy, and many of my ideas have been shot down as well, but at the end of the discussion, you understand that there are other aspects and dimensions to that thought that you wouldn’t have considered. And that is how you develop critical thinking.

MENTIS has helped me in developing myself as an individual, and as a professional. The opportunities and the exposure that you receive here cannot be compared to anywhere else, and I am forever grateful to MENTIS to have provided me with such an environment to nurture myself.

Apart from work, I am an avid football fan, and I used to have friendly debates with Suresh regarding the premier leagues. Those were the days. Although Covid has thrown a wrench in the normal scheme of things, every cloud has a silver lining, and we are now waiting for the office to open to resume so as to get back in the thick of things.